MCA’s Executive Director’s Notes – Women Veterans Summit

MCA Fr. Razz Waff’s Executive Director’s Notes

This past Thursday I was fortunate to be able to attend the Women Veterans’ Summit in Knoxville, supported by Vet to Vet Tennessee. VTVT is one of MCA’s strategic partners with the Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation (VMFC) ministry. They along with along with the Episcopal Church’s lay men’s organization, The Brotherhood of St. Andrew (BSA) work together to help congregations across our land to be more military friendly.

Fortunately, the key organizers for VMFC were both present, Ed Junod, the president of Vet to Vet Tennessee, and Everett Price, the VP/Military Outreach, of BSA. As well as presenting information on the VMFC program, I was also able to learn about new initiatives the VA is taking to support women veterans. I was surprised to hear that the VA has had a Women’s’ Call Center operational- since 2012. Remarkably, some of those in attendance from the VA were not aware of this until they heard about it at the conference.

This call center had more than one million calls this past year, and actively reach out to women service members as they transition from active or reserve component duty, calling them to ask why they had not enrolled in the VA if the VA does not have an enrollment form. This is a remarkable initiative for the VA, and one they are taking very seriously. I was very impressed by what I heard and saw, and in the realm of women veterans’ healthcare, the VA is moving out smartly to contact and provide services in a very intentional manner.

With the same intentionality, I trust that you will join us for our National Institute from 5 to 7 November at the Sheraton Arlington Hotel.  I am working today on finalizing my presentation for those of you who may want to attend the VMFC workshop and will certainly enjoy helping to provide you with the tools you need to see if your local congregation would like to be a member of this remarkable outreach program.

And with that said, I will now get back to finishing my work to so that I can present it to you in a cogent and organized fashion!

Fr. Razz Waff, DMin, BCC,  Cell: 847-269-9066

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