Navy Korean War Veteran – Robert Kolsrud receives Ambassador For Peace Medal

Vet to Vet Tennessee received and processed Mr. Kolsrud’s medal application in April 2019. Thanks to the South Korean Embassy and Soo Ha the medal was received in August 2019.

Mr. Kolsrud was presented the medal by his church Pastor on Mr. Kolsrud 65th wedding anniversary on August 25, 2019. Eunice and Robert currently live in Waukon Iowa. God bless them for their faith, service and sacrifice. Happy anniversary and Welcome Home Robert. Click here to learn more about the Ambassador For Peace Medal. It is free. Click here to read Robert’s thank you letter.

  1. There are no costs or fees to the family or to the veteran.  There are no legal agreements that need to be, no documents to be signed.  This is an appreciation in the form of the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal from the Republic of South Korea for the sacrifices, service and friendship of our American service men and women who served in the Korean War.