New Design for the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal

After 5 years of working with the Soo Ha from the Office of Defense Attache, Embassy of the Republic of Korea Soo has retired. Soo has helped Vet to Vet Tennessee provide hundreds of happy moments celebrating the lives of our American Korean War Heroes Because of Soo’s dedication, admiration and respect he has helped us present the Ambassador for Peace Medal to over 200 American Korean War Veterans across the country; 44 states. Several of the recipients fought in the Chosin Reservoir.

On February 11, 2020 Soo Ha was replaced with Unyou Noh (Katie Noh). Several days after our introduction Katie shipped 13 newly designed Ambassador for Peace Medals to Vet to Vet Tennessee. Because of her prompt attention to her new position, the facilitated response allowed Vet to Vet Tennessee provide the medals to two (2) Korean War Veterans before the passed. Thank you Katie.

If you or your loved one served in Korea during the Korean War and would like to apply for the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal please click here to determine if you are eligible and if so apply online.