2021 Is Going To Be Big!

Dear Friends, I hope this letter finds you well and safe. 2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year for us all and equally so for God’s Word For Warriors. In spite of the challenges, we have continued to move forward with courses and leader training, as well as connect those in need to vital services. 
For those I have not yet met personally, I hope to do so in the near future. My role is to help expand our ability to provide needed programs for fellow veterans struggling with moral injury and spiritual conflict resulting from combat and other military hardships and experiences.
As we plan and begin scheduling for 2021, both Tom and I want to share with you some key events for 2021 and how you can be an important part of our continued growth and service.

First, we will occupy our first permanent facility beginning in December located within the Bellevue area of Nashville, TN. We are extremely excited about this big step and the doors it will open to the middle TN region and our organization at-large.
Secondly, we will be offering more course outreach options combining in-person (when available), virtual classes and pre-recorded support. The world around us has changed and we are forced to modify our delivery methods.
Third, we will be providing an addition of courses offered to businesses struggling with retention of veteran employees who have difficulty balancing their past vocation struggles with the new civilian employee culture and expectations.
Finally, we will be opening our curriculum up to first-responders, as they often battle the same demons many of us have in our prior lives. There are many more wonderful things on the horizon for GWFW and those we serve.
This brings me to a very important challenge in which we need your assistance. At some point in the past, you were provided instruction and/or agreed to assist as a course leader with our program. We will be conducting some refresher training and lead generation targeting into the areas in which you reside and thus direct course candidates to you as the area representative and course leader. Please keep in mind, with our permanent location and full-time staff coverage, we will now be postured to provide more direct support and resourcing.
What we need to know at this time is, will you remain on the team and accept the role as your areas course leader representative?  Please take a moment to pray and meditate on this role, and provide me an answer directly at jim@godsword-forwarriors.org. We understand that life happens, but we greatly value you and your ability to assist those in need. I look forward to hearing back from you by November 1.       
Jim Humphrey                                                   Dr. Tom Seals                          VP | Director of Development Pres. | Executive Director