Veteran Military Friendly Congregations Boot Camp Kickoff

Last month, Military Chaplains Association conducted the first VMFC Boot Camp, where churches across the nation were introduced to variety of programs that could help the Veterans in their congregations. In collaboration with Vet to Vet Tennessee and the Brotherhood of Saint Andrew, Veterans across the nation can be touched by empowered and active congregations. As we continue to expand, the monthly meeting will be occurring to grow and spread the MCA initiative. This meeting marked to flawless and smooth transition from a small-town operation in Tennessee with VTVT to a national effort including new congregations from west and east coast.

This movement in the MCA network allows for the replication of established programs in different parts of the county. In collaboration with fiery churches, we can recognize and honor our Veterans, conduct Veteran-specific suicide prevention to Veterans and family, provide outreach to local military bases and much more. We aim to get every Vietnam and Korean War Veteran identified and honored for their service and sacrifice. We also are driven to lower Veteran suicide across the nation. This network of committed mission-oriented organizations is the exact vessel to make this happen.

 Thank you to all the churches of the VMFC network for signing up. If you or your church are interested in participating in the VMFC network, please reach out to us at This is the beginning of a great movement of missionary work for military, Veterans, and their families.