About the initiative

Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation (VFMC) was conceived to promote a sense of community, acceptance and support for Veterans and their families in Eastern United States. Launched by the CareForTheTroops and the Knoxville Regional Mental Health Council’s Faith-Based Committee in February 2008, it will become an integral part of the Faith Based Initiative. The Military Chaplains Association of America embraced the initiative in January 2016 under the leadership of MCA’s Executive Director Captain Lynman Smith.  Now MCA accepted the role of the VFMC national leader.

VMFC made simple.  Please listen and better yet, please join in the VMFC movement. A great way to save lives!

Audio VMFC Introduction

Video VMFC Introduction

VMFC MCA Enrollment form 20180101

VMFM MCA Enrollment form 20180101

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1. We agree to adopt or implement one or more Military Ministry Programs

2. We agree to advertise the existence of the Military Ministry Program(s) in one or more of our congregation publications (service bulletins, newsletters, etc.) so that their existence is easily visible to visitors, members, and leadership of the congregation

3. We provide permission to the Military Chaplains Association and their affiliates to list our congregation information on their web site

Optional. We would also like to be a Lead Congregation and help establish Veteran/Military Ministries in parishes and congregations in our vicinity


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