Become a Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation

Returning veterans don’t always know where to turn for assistance, comfort and support.

Veterans are sometimes reluctant to seek help for mental-health problems. They feel more comfortable approaching their clergyperson than a mental-health professional; in fact, a clergyperson and a congregation may be the first to learn of the problems. Here are some ways you and your congregation can reach out to our returning troops.

Our Story

Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation (VMFC) was conceived to promote a sense of community, acceptance and support for Veterans and their families.  Launched by Faith-Based Communities, it has become an integral part of the Faith Based Initiative.   The mission is to mobilize an army of Veterans through diverse congregational groups who will support and assist those attending Veterans with special needs relative to their service.

A key aspect of our Veteran Friendly  program is building a support structure for military members, veterans, and their family members in each and every community.  Congregations and congregation based programs are essential to getting this accomplished.  Building Military Ministries in each Congregation is our goal.  [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] The outreach goals is possible with your support.  Almost 50% of our military, veterans & their families live outside rural communities were limited services are available.  One of the best ways to find our brothers and sisters are through our faith-based communities.  Our national initiative is possible by starting with you.

 VMFC basic manual

Please complete the enrollment form and either email us at 1stsgtskaggs@gmail.com  or mail to:

Military Chaplains Association

Attn: Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation Program

P.O. Box 7056

Arlington, VA 22207-7056


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call Chaplain Ron Skaggs at 303-475-4853, VMFC TN Regional Coach Ed Junod at 865-850-8376 or Everett Price at 770-634-6880.

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3. We provide permission to the Military Chaplains Association and their affiliates to list our congregation information on their web site

Optional. We would also like to be a Lead Congregation and help establish Veteran/Military Ministries in parishes and congregations in our vicinity


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