How does being a VMFC benefit you and your congregation?

  1. Provides a wonderful opportunity for community outreach
  2. Potential for growing and STRENGTHENING the congregation
  3. Levels the playing field across population and economic status through access to resources
  4. Minimal financial impact on congregations
  5. Majority of programs are free to organize and implement
  6. Cost only occurs with additional amenities such as food and beverage
  7. Develop and strengthen relationships within the congregation and community

Becoming a VMFC helps the Veteran/Military community in many ways.

  • Finding, honoring and recognizing Veterans for their service
  • Ensuring they receive the benefits they want and need
  • Provide better quality of life for our country’s Veterans through sharing of information and resources
  • Teach, inform, and increase awareness to Veteran population of resources
  • Many times we find hurting Veterans through our congregations that need help


Multiple government institutions have identified the great impact of faith-based communities on overcoming systemic issues like suicide

  • Becoming a VMFC aides the Veteran community through recognition, education, and building strong faith-centered relationships
  • Becoming a VMFC aides the congregation by strengthening the community, improving the quality of life of members, potential for congregation growth, and providing an opportunity for outreach
  • Being a VMFC congregation can be a simple as remembering active, retired and veteran members of the congregation on Veterans Day and Service Anniversaries, and remembering congregants who have died on Memorial Day, up thru and including a robust outreach to let them know their VA benefits, hosting Veterans Courts and hosting court expungement hearings.
  • We’ve seen many lives saved and improved through the networks established by our faith-based community!