Lead Congregations

Lead Congregations are essential to the ability to share this ministry and the information needed both by military families and referral sources. Lead Congregations are the LEADERS in their geography and become the organization responsible for spreading the word about this help. We can’t rely on a group in Atlanta to spread this across the State and the Nation.

Once a congregation chooses to begin a “Military Ministry” within their congregation, they then may also choose to become a Lead Congregation, and in doing so, begin to encourage other congregations in their geographic proximity of all faiths to implement these programs.

images4How this fits into the overall program is best described on the Program Overview page of this website.

The responsibilities of Lead Congregations are not fixed but do encompass the following types of activities


  • Be an overall advocate and emissary of the CareForTheTroops initiative
  • Recruiting congregations of all faiths on the merits of developing a military ministry either with the Program suggestions supplied by CFTT or others of their own creation (…and we would like to consider including those ideas as part of the CFTT list of suggested programs)
  • Providing feedback to CFTT on how the programs are being used and any improvements that are needed to the documentation
  • Feedback on new ideas and programs discovered while speaking with other congregations that they have already implemented
  • Assistance to the Regional Trainers with scheduling presentations and events
  • Help with fundraising if local foundations or private benefactors are involved. They would not be asked to participate in other parts of the State where other Lead Congregations exist.