New VMFC Host Expungement Clinic in Rural TN

April 21st Vet to Vet Tennessee (VTVT) partnered with the University of Tennessee College of Law Professor Joy Radice, 10th Judicial District Criminal Court Judge Sandra Donaghy, Monroe County General Sessions/Veterans Court Judge Dwaine B. Thomas and Monroe County Court Clerk Marty Cook.  We are also grateful volunteers and support from the Knoxville Bar Association, TN Faith & Justice Alliance and the local pro-bono attorneys assisted by UT Law students,  This was the second expungement clinic co-hosted by UT College of Law and VTVT.

The clinic was held at Vet to Vet Tennessee’s Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation First Baptist Church of Madisonville, Tennessee.  Thanks to First Baptist Church Pastor Chris Moore and his church members, this venue provided the clinic members and clients with a great environment to conduct court.  Not only did they provide the facility, but they also provided 11 volunteers and breakfast for everyone.

In two weeks, 280 individuals registered and approximately 200 attended the clinic.  First expungement clinic to include a Circuit, Criminal, General Sessions and Veterans Court Judges.  We had over 60 volunteers.  Program was scheduled from 9:00am until Noon but but did not end until the last case was processed which occurred at 6:00PM.

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Before the opening comments at 9am, we were honored and surprised by a visit and support from Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Sharon Lee.

The clients were extremely happy with their result in the clinic.  Ashely  P. stated that “I have been one year sober and couldn’t have done it without my probation officer, church, meetings and support groups. God has bless me to come to this clinic, and they waived over $3,100.00. That is a miracle in itself.”  Click here to read clinic testimonies:

On behalf of Vet to Vet Tennessee and the Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council we thank God and all of the participants in creating a “restorative day.”  Judge Thomas 4-21-18

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Newest Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation in TN

On Februrary 7, 2018 Powell United Methodist Church Recovery & Disciplineship Pastor Brooke Hartman their Church into the VFMC program.

MCA and Vet to Vet Tennessee (VFMC Regional Coach) are honored and blessed to have Powell UMC as our newest member of the National VMFC and thank Pastor Hartman for their enrollment.

If you want to learn more about Powell UMC please visit their site by clicking here.

First Veteran/Military Friendly Ministry “Changes Lives” at Free Expungement Clinic

October 28, 2017 was a memorable experience for hundreds of citizens and volunteers who participated in the first FREE Knox County Expungement Clinic at the Beck Cultural Exchange Center despite the inclement weather.

This expungement clinic concept was brought to Vet to Vet Tennessee’s attention by one of the first Veteran/Military Friendly Ministries in the nation; Knoxville Step Up.

A new loving community emerged as over 300 individuals were served by over 100 volunteers. People caring and helping each other made this event a miracle.

Each person left the clinic with joy, relief, jubilance, and gratitude; many with tears of happiness.  Many thanked the volunteers for “changing my life.”  The Beck was packed from 8:45 am till 3:00 pm, three hours longer than scheduled; special thanks to General Sessions Judge Chuck Cerny and Municipal Court Judge John Rosson Jr. and Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen who agreed to “stay until everyone in the building was served.” [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

The expungement clinic is a partnership among Knoxville Community Step Up, Beck Cultural Exchange Center, The University of Tennessee College of Law and Vet to Vet Tennessee with volunteers from Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, The Tennessee Faith & Justice Alliance, the Knoxville Bar Association, the Knoxville Barristers (the Young Lawyers Division of KBA), Legal Aid of East Tennessee and the Knox County Public Defender’s Community Law Office.

“Thank you all so very much.  Together we were able to accomplish so much more that we could have on our own!  It was truly the epitome of fellowship, solidarity, and collaboration.”  10-30-17  Professor Joy Radice, UT College of Law

Vet to Vet Tennessee’s volunteers included Don Davis, Freddie Owens, Ed Junod, Karl Griffith and Randall Scott.

Monroe County General Sessions and Veterans Court Judge Dwaine B. Thomas attended the clinic and agreed to schedule an Expungement Clinic in Monroe and surrounding Counties with a partnership with the Expungement team in March 2018.

We thank God for this amazing life changing event and the countless unnamed volunteers.  Click here to view more clinic photos.

If you like to share your comments about the event or would more information about the Monroe County Expungement Clinic please leave a message below or contact Vet to Vet Tennessee at 865-336-2624.

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MCA’s New VMFC program

Our Story

Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation (VMFC) was conceived to promote a sense of community, acceptance and support for Veterans and their families.  Launched by Faith-Based Communities, it has beome an integral part of the Faith Based Initiative.   The mission is to mobilize an army of Veterans through diverse congregational groups who will support and assist those attending Veterans with special needs relative to their service. [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] A key aspect of our Veteran Friendly  program is building a support structure for military members, veterans, and their family members in each and every community.  Congregations and congregation based programs are essential to getting this accomplished.  Building Military Ministries in each Congregation is our goal.  Please help us reach our brothers and sisters around the country by joining the program.  No cost to enroll.  No annual fees.  Just caring and sharing.

Please leave of us a message below to learn more or to join the program.

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VA Chaplain Service available since 1865

Veterans are 10 times more likely to go to clergy than all other Mental Health Providers. The VA Chaplain Service has been providing this service since 1865 and is an instrumental component of mental and spiritual health.

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