Program Requirements

The program requirements are simple and straightforward. Any congregation/ministry that meets the above criteria qualifies. Once qualified, a certificate will be sent to the Congregation Leader (or other person designated by the Congregation) which is suitable for framing and should be displayed in a prominent such that it can be seen by visitors, members, and leaders of the congregation alike.

  1. Congregation/Ministry agrees to adopt or implement one or more Military Ministry Programs.
  2. Congregation/Ministry agrees to advertise the existence of the Military Ministry Program(s) in one or more of our congregation publications (service bulletins, social media, etc.) so that their existence is easily visible to visitors, members, and leadership of the congregation.
  3. Congregation/Ministry agree to provide permission to the Military Chaplains Association and their affiliates to list our congregation information on their website
  4. Enrollment/Annual Fee – NONE.

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