Congregation-based Military Ministry programs are a step toward supporting active military and veterans of the current and past conflicts. These programs are fundamental to the success of the United States Military Chaplains Association (MC) Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation (VMFC) effort as they represent the primary participation vehicle for Congregations. It is a very key way for spreading the word and connecting with military family members in need on a local level.

The set of programs is intended to address the entire extended family members associated with the person that is or has been in the military. The programs available and outlined on this website have the following goals:

  • Help the congregation members maintain an awareness of the existence and needs of those sacrificing their time and effort to support our country
  • Create an environment of acceptance within the congregation for any extended family member who worships or visits the congregation; acceptance of their needs (physical, material, and spiritual), and a willingness to join in their struggles, whatever they might be.

NOTE: The way the ministry programs are proposed, no faith must act in any way like another faith … no congregation must act or have a Ministry like any other congregation … it is completely customize-able to each congregation’s desire to act … but being part of a larger networks helps build the network and allows us to share information among the active congregation that can help others learn what others are doing.

More information can be found below and updates regarding these programs will be posted as they occur.

Here is a set of documents that together form a “packet” of information useful when discussing the VMFC initiative. Please use these when speaking with clergy or groups of people interested is understanding the VMFC initiative.

  • VMFC SHORT Presentation in Powerpoint – use and modify as needed
  • Causes of Concern Extra Charts – use to explain why the VFC initiative is so needed
  • The VMFC Letter – this is the letter that the Clergy leader needs to send in
  • VMFC Reasons – a pocket size 2-sided handout anwering why some VFC FAQs
  • The Lastest VMFC List including address and contact info
  • A list of VMFC Congregation names sequenced by Faith